“​The worst day in the woods is still better than a day working anywhere else.”


Greg Johnson Logging

With over 30 years experience in the logging industry, Greg knows and loves the forest. You can trust his team to take care of your land, the trees and the environment they are a part of.

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Greg Johnson Logging, LLC

Headquartered in Deer Park, WA | Serving the greater Spokane County area and the Inland Northwest.


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About Our Process

Fire Prevention

We work with the forestry department to clean up debris and open up congested forest areas.

Forest Assessment

One of the first things we do is walk through the forested part of the property and give consideration for creeks and other environmental features that may affect best time and location for logging.

Coordination with Mills

Greg contacts the local Lumber Mills, finds the best price, and negotiates a purchase contract with the mill. They arrange for logging trucks to carry the load from the property to the mill.

Serious Equipment

The skidder machine pulls the logs over to the landing site with a grapple. The processor limbs and cuts the trees into log lengths (according to the cut instructions from the mill). Then the loader lifts logs onto the logging trucks.

We Have the Power to Keep the Forest and Land Healthy and Clear.

“The worst day in the woods is still better than any other day working anywhere else.”

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